Tales of the world – Interview with Guilain Mathé (intro),researcher Democratic Republic of Congo

This week Tales of the world starts a series of interviews with young researchers and activists living in the Geneva area, working with international issues and having a message to send to the world at large.

Our first guest is Guilain Mathé, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who found himself in Switzerland through the scholars at risk programme, who offers a safe haven to scholars that have incurred the wrath of authorities due to their activities that often uncover uncomfortable truths. Guilain Mathé is also the founder of an NGO, the Great Lakes Peace Initiative Centre, which constitutes a platform within which African intellectuals can play their part in the concerted efforts at the global level in order to put an end to this humanitarian tragedy and create to conditions that would cultivate sustainable peace in the region.

Given his experience living and researching the bloody conflict in DRC, as a native of North Kivu, the region most plagued by the conflict, I have invited Guilain Mathé for an interview that takes us through the beginnings of the conflict, its rationale and the current stakes at play. A consummate storyteller, Guilain guides us through the complexities of the situation, succeeding in staying true to its facts, at the same time giving us insights in the cultural and everyday life of the DR Congo, a country we would do well to visit…as soon as it is at peace. Or for those of you who are quite adventurous, now.

The interview is in French, befitting the multilingual and multicultural audience of the podcast, and is split into four parts – for the sake of lightness –