Interview with Dr.Rahel Kunz, part 1

Welcome to the Tales of the World interview series, debuted this summer 2012, and which looks forward to a long and happy life.

This time, our studio welcomes Dr. Rahel Kunz, teaching and doing research at the University of Lausanne in the field of gender, migration and critical studies.

Rahel has recently published a book based on her PhD thesis, book that speaks of migration, gender, and remittances as they play out in the particular context of Mexico. The interview is structured in four parts. The two first parts tell us about global remittances and the links that exist between the international and the local contexts on this. In the later two, Rahel shares with us her lessons learnt from the writing process and her ideas for young researchers. I hope you enjoy our conversation

Rahel Kunz’s Book, The Political Economy of Global Remittances Gender, Governmentality and Neoliberalism