Tales of the world episode 26 – Pride and Prejudice: 200 years and counting

Elizabeth Bennett is 200 years old this week, as we celebrate the publication of the first edition of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Although much has changed since the early 1800s in England, especially for women and their liberties, one challenge remains the same: being true to oneself in an age that can sometimes be as enslaving in the freedom women enjoy, as in the constraints pressing upon them two centuries ago.

With audio excerpts from BBC’s  Pride and Prejudice 1995 production.

Also, Maria Antonietta brings us an unlikely culinary review, involving oysters…






Tales of the world episode 25 – 50 years since the Treaty of Elysée: The Franco-German couple is really a ménage à trois…with Britain

On the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Elysée between Germany and France, Tales of the world is wondering if it is not more illuminating to see the Franco-German couple for what it really is : a ménage à trois with Britain.

Do raw materials and geography trump cultural and political affinities? Or can these elements happily live together for more productive international relations?

Listen to the podcast and enjoy a cello rendition of With or without you…


Tales of the world episode 24 – Le monde vu en français et en anglais

Pour sa première édition en langue française, Tales of the world introduit un titre français – la chronique de politique internationale avec un grain de sel – et vous propose de réfléchir à ce que cela peut bien dire que de faire une lecture du monde en français et en anglais.

Avec l’aide du Chat Botté, et son cousin, le Cheshire Cat, ainsi que celle des Aristoc(h)ats, Monthy Python et des Suites Françaises de Bach, l’exploration commence.

Ruxandra Stoicescu