Tales of the world episode 28 (part II) – History, memory and newsmaking

How does news travel and what does the media make of it? And we, the public, following the rollercoaster of titles and call-outs, what are we left with when this all subsides?

Lend Tales of the world your ears and join in the reflection.


Tales of the world episode 28 (part I) – Of memory and DNA – Richard III, Henri IV, and the Timbuktu manuscripts

We have grown fond of confirming the existence of our selves and others’ via DNA proof and traceability. As societies increasingly rely on physical evidence required to ascertain and entrench what we believe to be the “true” stories of our lives, what of the non DNA – traceable memory that makes up our humanity?

This is the first part of a theme explored by Tales of the world, involving historical memory and the way it is constructed. In the next episode: how (historical) news travels…

Meanwhile, here is a piece of good news, related to part of the Timbuktu manuscripts

Tales of the world épisode 27 – La vie comme une BD

Tintin, Titeuf, Superman et Wonderwoman, les héros de notre enfance, laissent la place dans les BDs contemporaines à des personnages plus liés à la réalité, mais tout aussi percutants et émouvants que leurs prédécesseurs.

Chroniques de Jérusalem. Autres exemples

Essayez-vous à la lecture du monde à travers le regard des auteurs dessinateurs et laissez-vous suprendre par ce que Tales of the world dirait si c’était une BD.

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