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“Tales of the world, the international affairs chronicle with a twist” is a weekly audio feature that looks at current affairs by drawing links with historical elements, literary, and popular culture references. The aim of its producer is to cast a light on international affairs that differs from mainstream approaches and humanises events by underlining the social and cultural contexts in which they occur. Irony, humour, and the absurd are welcome guests in the podcast, as well as a colourful sound design, to make listeners hum to the unsuspected music of our chaos-filled lives, unfolding in the unpredictable rhythm of international affairs.

About Ruxandra Stoicescu, producer


The late years of communist Romania were filled with many different coping rituals to make the oppressive greyness of the regime feel a little lighter. One of them, a real act of stealthy subversion, was listening every evening at 7o’clock to Radio Free Europe. That was the time of the day when liberty would flow into our homes through the ultra-short radio waves blasting from Russian radios, specially tampered with to make them able to catch a couple of decibels of freedom.

Ever since, to me, radio rhymed with voices bearing the colour of freedom.

It took 26 years of study, travel, thesis writing, and the set-up of an independent activity in Geneva as an analyst and researcher of international politics to get going on my own radio and audio productions. First as a contributor on international affairs to World Radio Switzerland, and now, as a producer of audio features. One of my many (and colourful) dreams is to produce radio- and web-documentaries relating to international political and cultural questions. These podcasts are the beginning of an adventure that has yet to unveil its most surprising twists.

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Ruxandra Stoicescu

International affairs chronicle with a twist

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