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Tales of the world episode 43 – IKEA et les réfugiés

Des réfugiés Syriens seront abrités dans des tentes IKEA. 

Qu’est-ce que cela nous dit à propos des marques de notre vie?


The Independent Article

Christian Science Monitor

Tales of the world 34 – The Western state, a virtuous racketeer?

Life is contradictory, and so are politics and state making. Let us not forget how modern states came about. It is a useful reminder in times of crisis, when we need to ask the questions that will push us forward: what is the place of communities within a state? what kind of a state do we want? what is each individual’s share of responsibility in the collective’s political future? All this, on an air of summer … Vivaldi’s, of course, this year, in Europe there’s none other.

Enjoy, Ruxandra

Tales of the world episode 33 – Mode et politique, bureaux de style et think tanks – qui tire mieux son épingle du jeu?

Nous savons bien que la mode réussit à amener ensemble les individus les plus différents les uns des autres, et, dans ce climat de crise, les bureaux de style qui régissent le monde de la mode s’en tirent beaucoup mieux que d’autres centres de recherche.

Et si nous y prenions quelques leçons de savoir faire pour attirer l’attention des grands de ce monde en faisant appel, non pas à leur bon sens politique et à leur étique, mais à une question de style?

Ecoutez ce que Tales of the world en a enfilé comme idées…

Tales of the world episode 28 (part II) – History, memory and newsmaking

How does news travel and what does the media make of it? And we, the public, following the rollercoaster of titles and call-outs, what are we left with when this all subsides?

Lend Tales of the world your ears and join in the reflection.


Tales of the world episode 26 – Pride and Prejudice: 200 years and counting

Elizabeth Bennett is 200 years old this week, as we celebrate the publication of the first edition of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Although much has changed since the early 1800s in England, especially for women and their liberties, one challenge remains the same: being true to oneself in an age that can sometimes be as enslaving in the freedom women enjoy, as in the constraints pressing upon them two centuries ago.

With audio excerpts from BBC’s  Pride and Prejudice 1995 production.

Also, Maria Antonietta brings us an unlikely culinary review, involving oysters…