Tales of the world episode 5

The one with the Arabian Nights and the Arab Spring.

What do the stories of the Arabian Nights and the Arab Spring have in common? They are the voices of the people recounting itself. They talk about the freedom to dream and live extraordinary lives. Sheherezade is every modern Arab woman daring to speak for herself.

Tales of the world episode 4

The one with the clothes made of milk, the 2012 Davos Summit and La ranz (you don’t pronounce the z or s at the end!!!!!) des vaches.

A story of potential rags to riches (quite literally), if only we let our imaginations run free of (trade) barriers.




Tales of the world episode 3

The one with the Romanian revolution, Arab Spring, and the International it it. Chronicle on the anniversary of 22 years since the Romanian revolution and its meaning in current affairs.

Music kindly provided by Pidzama

Tales of the world episode 2

The one with Europa regina and a EU scented bubble bath.

Tales of the world Episode 1

Tales of the world seen from Geneva

The one with Calvin and Cé qu’è lainô.

International affairs chronicle with a twist

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