Tales of the world – For a historical and political analysis of Ukraine’s predicament

Where do things come from and where do they go?

For an in-depth historical and political analysis of Ukraine’s current predicament:

Liminality in international relations – the cases of Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. (Ukraine case study: pages 241-335)

Enjoy, Ruxandra Stoicescu

This comparative study focuses on liminal entities on the international scene, examining their self-understanding in relation to a core entity and civilisation of which they wish to become recognised members. It looks at the relations between Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and the European Union. More specifically, it unpacks the geopolitical images, which were used by political elites in these countries in order to represent them. The analysis concludes that the European Union is note the only entity producing liminal spaces around it, and that liminality is a useful lens in understanding the interstices of the Self/Other nexus in identity negotiation processes.

Tales of the world episode 26 – Pride and Prejudice: 200 years and counting

Elizabeth Bennett is 200 years old this week, as we celebrate the publication of the first edition of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Although much has changed since the early 1800s in England, especially for women and their liberties, one challenge remains the same: being true to oneself in an age that can sometimes be as enslaving in the freedom women enjoy, as in the constraints pressing upon them two centuries ago.

With audio excerpts from BBC’s  Pride and Prejudice 1995 production.

Also, Maria Antonietta brings us an unlikely culinary review, involving oysters…






Tales of the world episode 22 – Europe and Syria, a tale of two crises

It was the best of times/It was the worst of times/It was the spring of hope/It was the winter of despair… Dickens was writing about the French revolutionary period, but he might as well have written about the Arab Spring.

It was the age of wisdom/It was the age of foolishness/ It was the epoch of belief/It was the epoch of incredulity/ … he might as well have written about the Europe of the past five years.

What if we got out of these binary cycles and into a spiral of constructive and confident action?



Tales of the world episode 20 – Why James Bond is an awesome pundit

His name is Bond. James Bond, and although he did not study International Relations in Geneva (Ian Fleming studied languages here, though), he can certainly teach us a thing or two about the intricacies of our contemporary world.

Style and nuance, is something our “real-world” leaders could learn from James Bond when delivering oversimplified political speeches.

Enjoy this episode with James Bond, not shaken, nor stirred, but with a twist and don’t forget to leave some feedback.


Tales of the world episode 10

This is episode 10 and deserves a celebration! There we go…tweet tweet.

The one with the international tales and Twitter.

Twitter is great, makes us feel connected and informed, but too much haiku-like reality may turn us into a caricatures.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to retweet!